Carnival Pilgrims

* Artist or expert guests present

Sun 22.8.2021 at 15:00



Director: Mika Mattila

Writer: Mika Mattila

Cinematography: Mika Mattila

Editing: Mika Mattila, Okku Nuutilainen, Anders Teigen

Music: Kristoffer Lo

Sound Design: Geir Døhlie Gjerdsjø, Audun Røstad, Are Åberg

Production: Mika Mattila

2019 / Finland, Norway, Germany

Length: 87 min

Language: English, Sumerian, Romanian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Finnish, Urdu

Subtitles: English

Classification: U


This essayistic documentary film by Finnish director Mika Mattila examines manifestations of global tourism and our perpetual desire to be somewhere else. The film tries to understand our yearning to “see the world”, presenting both depressing and tragicomic examples that result from this obsession. Carnival Pilgrims takes us on a cinematic tour through some of the most iconic pilgrimage sites of the contemporary world, where the carousels of endless fun and ever elusive enlightenment never come to rest.

Director Mika Mattila present at the screening.

Text: Ella Karttunen