Cenote main.jpg
SINFF X Cinema Planeta: Cenote

Sun 22.8.2021 at 14:45


Director: Oda Kaori

2019 / Japani Meksiko

Length: 75 min

Language: Mayan, Spanish

Subtitles: English

Classification: 12


This screening curated by the environmental film festival Cinema Planeta, held annually in Cuernavaca, Mexico, brings to Savonlinna a peek into Mayan cultural history.


The Japanese Mexican film Cenote - directed by Japanese artist Oda Kaori - is an experimental depiction of natural springs found in the Yucatán Peninsula called cenotes. Important sources of water for the ancient Maya, they are still used today by people with roots in Mayan civilization to collect water for daily use. As places linking this world to the afterlife, they are said to have been the sites of many human sacrifices, and their profound connections with people’s lives have persisted into the modern day.

Movie contains flashing lights!