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Director: Liz Canning

Writer: Liz Canning

Cinematography: Liz Canning

Editing: Liz Canning

Sound Design: Jeremiah Moore

Production: Marilyn DeLaure, Erica Tanamachi

2019 / USA, Australia, Germany, Ghana, Nicaragua, UK

Length: 81 min

Language: English


Classification: U

When an American filmmaker Liz Canning got her twins in 2008, she swapped her bike to a car for some time. That made her think about universal culture of isolation and disconnection brought us by the digital age. From cargo bike she found new way to move and be present in world around. When she looked for information about “family bikes” she uncovered a global movement of people, who replace cars with these long-frame bicycles designed for carrying passengers and heavy loads.


In our culture, where using bicycle for different necessities is more of a norm than an exception, a film about bicycle might not at first seem like startling. However, this film is coming from a society, where the magnitude of private motoring is on an another level than in Finland or in other European countries. True or an urban legend, sometimes you hear a claim that in some American cities there's no sidewalks.


Along with a thought, that carting children by car is unsustainable, Liz felt that driving took the adventure and freedom out of life. Parenting is commitment, and when that commitment is carried out in a way that differ from customary, receptions divers. When women in the end of 19th century found bikes exellent for widing their world, also backslash was guaranteed. In the film Liz discuss not only her own motherhood and womanhood but how bicycle might be an instrument in women's emansipation.

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