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Just Animals

Saila Kivelä, Vesa Kuosmanen | Finland | 2022 | 82 min | Finnish | Subtitles in English | Classification 12

Documentary film Just Animals follows Saila, who in 2009 admitted being part of an animal rights activism group that had secretly filmed hundreds of animal farms. Public confession along with other activist Karry led to a three years long legal battle. Saila's great idol is her sister Mai, who changes activism into party politics. In the beginning Saila feels skepticism when Mai shifts into a field of another kind of action, and before long also the encounter with suffering animals starts to take its toll.


In secretly filming farms Saila is driven by a vision that the treatment of animals will change when the great public sees the material. Step by step there has been some progress happening, but how much has the situation really changed for the animals? What comes to the film itself, you wish that it will be seen specially by that part of the public, that is less conscious about the subject.

Directors Saila Kivelä  and Vesa Kuosmanen and producer Elli Toivoniemi will attend to the screening and they will answer questions after the document.


Text | Ella Karttunen

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