I Am Greta

Sun 22.8.2021 at 12:30



Director: Nathan Grossman

Cinematography: Nathan Grossman

Editing: Hanna Lejonqvist SFK, Charlotte Landelius

Music: Jon Ekstrand, Rebekka Karijord

Sound Design: Johan Johnson

Production: Cecilia Nessen, Fredrik Heinig


Length: 97 min

Language: Swedish, English

Subtitles: Finnish

Classification: U


I Am Greta In August 2018, 15-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg began a school strike in front of the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm. At first, she sat there by herself, holding a cardboard sign, answering questions and sharing information with people passing by. Slowly others joined her strike and after just a few months her protest had sparked a global movement.

Director Nathan Grossman follows Greta’s journey from an unknown student to a world famous environmental influencer. The documentary shows Thunberg up close – vulnerable, frustrated, strong and inspiring.

Unfortunately Greenpeace's Communication Startegist Juuso Janhunen can't attend the screening.

Text: Hanna Markkanen