A Young Crane's Long Journey

* Artist or expert guests present

Sat 21.8.2021 at 12:00


Director: Jouni Hiltunen
Screenplay:  Jouni Hiltunen
Cinematography: Jouni Hiltunen
Edited by: Jouni Hiltunen
Music: Simo Helkala
Sound engineering: Janne Jankeri
Production: Jouni Hiltunen / Katharsis Films Oy

2021 / Finland
Duration: 50 min
Language: Finnish
Subtitles: English
Classification: S


Crane calls echo by the river. Every spring the old crane couple strengthens their bond by lekking. The birds fly a long distance to nest in the same territory as previous years. Spring is full of drama, dashing jumps, puffed up dance steps, intruders, and vendetta.

The landscape is familiar to the documentarist Jouni Hiltunen. He has followed the crane couple’s life in there summer location for years. The documentary follows already familiar birds summery family life and from his hidden tent Hiltunen records life in better or for worse. To a successful nesting the cranes must make hard decisions. Those decisions reveal a humane side of the birds.

By the autumn fall the instincts start to pull them South and the birds start to get ready for the big move. For the chicks, the migration is their first. It is a hard journey full of new learning experiences.

When the cranes leave, Jouni Hiltunen packs his car and travels to the winter paradise with them. Cranes travel through Estonia to Hungary and all the way to Israel. The arrival of the birds is a waited natures performance, but the growth of the species brings new aspects to cohabitation.

 The screening is organized in collaboration with Suomen Luonto -magazine. After the screening Q&A with the director Jouni Hiltunen moderated by journalist and biologist Anna Tuominen.

Text: Anna Tuominen