Listening in the Dark

* Artist or expert guests present

Sat 21.8.2021 at 18:30


Director: Maeve Brennan

Writer: Maeve Brennan

Cinematography: Jamie Quantrill

Editing: Mariko Montpetit

Sound Design: Tom Sedgwick

Production: Laura Shacman

2018 / UK, Scotland

Length: 44 min

Language: English

Subtitles: Finnish

Classification: U


Though we humans are just a small part in the big picture of the ecosystem, our actions reverberate amazingly vast in our environment. We tend to realize our impact when the damage has already happened. Diversity of senses play their own part in this. Evolution has built the sense of hearing to work for every species by its needs, so there are frequencies that for us humans are beyond our level of hearing.

Bats have capability that goes beyond our senses: they navigate with echolocation. Artist Maeve Brennan's documentary Listening in the Dark shows that even the technology that works toward sustainable development can be harmful for this little night creature. The central figure of the film is Donald Griffin, an American zoologist and early advocate of animal consciousness, whose research into bat navigation helped shape our understanding of the concept of echolocation.

Among Griffin – and bats – we hear voices of ecologists, palaeontologists and chiropterologists (bat researchers) whose work illustrates the place of human, a relatively young species in the universe. This helps to put our influence on the environment into perspective. The film, which is also about sounds beyond our hearing, can be experienced as a certain kind of a sound journey: how does the landscape feel with or without wind turbines?

The screening will be presented by nature guide Elina Enho.

Text: Ella Karttunen


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