SINFF X SLUT: Tectonic Plate

Fri 19.8.2021 at 19:00


Director: Mika Taanila

Writer: Harry Salmenniemi

Editing: Mika Taanila

Music: Mika Vainio

Sound Design: Olli Huhtanen

Production: Jussi Eerola / Testifilmi Oy

2016 / Finland

Length: 74 min

Language: Finnish

Subtitles: -



Tectonic Plate is a film made entirely without a camera. Frames of the film have been made by photocopying flight-related documents directly onto clear film. Objects such as jewellery and paper clips can be spotted in photograms made in the darkroom.


The film depicts fear of flying, security checks and time zones, diving into the mental landscape of a nameless protagonist at an airport hotel in Helsinki-Vantaa after returning from a business trip in Tokyo.


The texts of poet and author Harry Salmenniemi, the industrial and brutal music of the late Mika Vainio known from the Pan Sonic band, and the direction of Mika Taanila, known for experimental films and music videos, meet in this lettristic, avant-garde film. The end result is completed by Olli Huhtanen’s sound design and Markus Pyörälä’s graphic design.


In Tectonic Plate, words and things lose their point of reference and airports become an arena of horrors of their own kind. Equally based on words and things, flickering lights, intense soundscapes and questionable texts, the film is something to be witnessed on the big screen.