Nuclear Forever

Carsten Rau | Germany | 2020 | 94 min | German, French

Feature-lenght documentary film Nuclear Forever by Carsten Rau takes an equal and heatless look at the eternity of the nuclear power. Germany is turning away from nuclear in 2022 to concentrate on the renewable energy. To secure the world, thousands of tonnes of radioactive waste are stored from nuclear power plants taken apart piece by piece. The horror image of an invisible threat opens a gloomy view to complexity of the subjects.


We can always say that human race has to decrease its consumption. Apparently this ain't happening, and paradoxically we need energy, decades and billions of euros to dismantle a power plant and make it ostensible safe. A workplace, that for many has been dear, longlasting and pride, modifies the job descriptions, and the worn out guide signs at plants hallways show the way in the decommission project. And what is the spirit around the diminishing power plant among citizens attacked to steam cloud coming out of cooling towers? Nuclear forever and nuclear 4-ever.


Film got premiered October 2022 in DOK Leipzig documentary film festivat in Germany. Since then many questions around Europe's energy production has taken new cycles, last time in February 2022 after Russian invasion. Leaning on Russian gas is directly related to question about nuclear power, and this brings a new kind of angle when watching the film two years after completed.

Text | Ella Karttunen