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Festival Sauna

Barrel Sauna | Mixed Sauna

The official festival sauna warms up in Riihisaari! A unique wood-heated barrel sauna made with coal technology warms up in Riihisaari. The sauna is open on Friday and Saturday from 16:00 to 23:00 (last entry at 22:15). You can pay for the sauna on the spot with cash or buy a ticket in advance from our webshop. Those who have bought a ticket in advance will have priority, if there is a queue to the sauna.

Our festival’s official sauna elf is waiting for you at the sauna, who will guide you through the sauna etiquette and reveals the secrets of the best sauna experience. Please note that there is no separate washing facility in the sauna. Remember to bring your own towels and peflets or cloths to the benches where to sit on. It's a mixed sauna, so we recommend to bring your  own bathing suit as well!

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