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Sihja - The Rebel Fairy

Marja Pyykkö | Finland | 2021 | 89 min | Finnish | Subtitles Swedish | Classification 7

A story of an unconventional fairy and an eccentric boy who overcome their own fears and obstacles in order to save the nature.

Sihja is an outrageous young fairy who leaves her forest home for the city where she befriends 10 year old Alfred. These two unlikely friends quickly bond and enjoy exploring the city until dead birds begin to appear on the streets. At first, it looks like the smelly fertilizer factory and its scary director Lisbeth Spiderville could be responsible. However, when Sihja reveals her true fairy powers, people begin to fear her and blame her fairy magic. Together Sihja and Alfred must investigate the threat, clear Sihja's name and prevent an environmental disaster.

A live action film for children from 7 to 12.

Producer Elli Toivoniemi will introduce the movie in the beginning of the screening.

Text | Tuffi Films and Leeds Film

Photo | Vilja Harala

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