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Ahma tattoo - Walk-in tattoos

Ahma tattoo | K18

Get a nature inspired tattoo and support the festival!

Ahma tattoo arrives to Savonlinna and organizes a nature themed walk-in tattoo event to support Savonlinna International Nature Fil Festival. The tattoos are made as handpoke (without a tattoo machine) with tested and REACH-applicable vegan inks and supplies. You can also take a temporary tattoo of a Saimaa ringed seal!

The tattoos are made from the ready flash sheet, with black ink and about matchbox sized. Because of the space limitations the tattoos are made on arms and legs only. First come first serve, the age limit is 18.

You can find the tattoo designs below.


Each tattoo is 100€ and 50% of that will be donated to SINFF. The tattoos are paid on the spot with card.


Ahma usually works in Studio Hellä, Helsinki. The studio follows safer space rules. You can follow Ahma on instagram @ahmatattoo or visit their website


Tattoo Designs

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