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SINFF x SLUT Screening – WASTE VOL. 1

Jan Ijäs | Finland | 2020 | 59 min | Classification U

We are glad to collaborate with Savonlinnan Uusi Taidemuseo (SLUT). This year we organise together a free screening to the festival. SLUT is a loosely organised art company which hosts unconventional art events.

WASTE VOL. 1 is an episodic, dreamlike film about the waste of humanity.  The film traces a journey through Africa, Europe and the USA, taking in the consequences of hyperinflation, human trafficking, electronic waste, the arms industry and death to show how goods such as sophisticated weaponry, cars, money, and even memories can turn into waste and how waste can remerge as something valuable, as both its literal and symbolic meaning changes.


Text: Juho Liukkonen

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