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Boreal Civilizations

Riihisaari, Museum of Savonlinna | 19.-20.8. Sat 10-22 & Su 10-17 | 10€ / 5€, 

Free entry for SINFF series ticket holders on Saturday 19.8. Tickets during the museum's opening hours from the museum's ticket office.

In cooperation with Riihisaari - Savonlinna museum

Pinhole camera photos by Häkkänen, science-based texts by Mustonen and audio work by Nyrhinen create a dialogue between traditional knowledge, geography and art. The central themes of the exhibition are the relationship with nature, forest traditions and centuries of man's time in the coniferous forest zone.


Kaisu Häkkänen graduated as a visual artist from a Dutch art school and currently lives in Punkaharju. Häkkänen's picture works made with a pinhole camera have been exhibited in private and joint exhibitions both in Finland and abroad.


Juhana Nyrhinen lives in Kuru and has been building traditional instruments for 20 years. He has had several active and touring bands, such as Sokea Piste, PO/NY, Cyclops Extinction, Pekko Käppi and

Faarao Pirttikangas. Nyrhinen has also built various installations using his instruments, which have been exhibited in several art exhibitions.


Tero Mustonen, who lives in Selkie in North Karelia, has worked in Alaska, Iceland, Canada,

Siberia, Greenland and in the villages of Finland and the Sami region. He is a member and lead author of the UN climate panel IPCC (LA AR6). In the spring of 2023, Mustonen was awarded the Goldman Prize. Mustonen has published extensively in, for example, Science, PNAS, and One Earth journals, but has also written poetry, prose and listening stories and has been involved in documentary film productions.


Visual artist Kaisu Häkkänen / photographic works

Docent, climate researcher, professional fisherman Tero Mustonen / texts

Traditional instrument maker, musician, sound artist Juhana Nyrhinen / sound work


Holders of the SINFF serial card can visit the Boreal civilizations exhibition and the Riihisaaari museum, which was awarded museum of the year, free of charge on the opening day of the exhibition, Saturday 19 August.

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