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About us

Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival is a four-day interdisciplinary event in the heart of Savonlinna. The festival program includes nature and environmental films, music, art, discussions, outdoor screenings and program for the whole family.


The first Savonlinna International Film Festival was held in 2010. In 2012, Annakaisa Vänttinen and Elli Toivoniemi renewed the festival as the city festival it is today, Savonlinna's harbour and the ship m/s Puijo becoming the center of the event.  The festival has evolved and the program expanded over the years. In 2021, the event will be held on four days for the first time. 


Our values are strongly based on the appreciation and protection of nature. Our role is also to convey knowledge about nature and environment through film and art, and to influence people’s actions at grassroots level.  The festival wants to increase the appreciation of environmental themed film and biodiversity in all age groups and has been working on these goals for ten years.



Through the programme we bring forth topics related to wider societal environmental discussions. The films also introduces perspective beyond our anthropocentric worldview and into the worlds of other species. The multi-themed programme emphasizes on the interactions in the world around us and we prefer introducing solution-based approaches.

In addition to the most interesting freshly released films, the programme also includes classics, experimental approaches and things to see for the whole family.


Our diverse side-event programme has become an important part of our festival identity. The annually changing interdisciplinary repertoire has in the past included puppetry, word art, excursions, visual art, music of different genres as well as discussion events on film, nature and environmental issues. 

The Film Picnic in Riihisaari and the Forest Screening in Sulosaari have become regulars at our festival, these outdoor events combining nature, film and music popular with our audience from year to year.



Festival Director Annakaisa Vänttinen and Programme Director Minna Nurmi are in charge of planning the event. Every year, the festival employs 1-2 coordinators. In addition during the festival week, the production team consists of 40 volunteers who work in various positions including technology, ticket sales, decoration, chefs, security, and discussion leaders.

The festival is politically independent and organized by a non-profit association. 

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