Towards a greener festival

The core values of Savonlinna International Film Festival are nature conservation and appreciation of our environment. We aim to make the festival even more ecological in the upcoming years by making sustainable choices in the implementation of the event.

We are involving both our visitors and partners in this common goal. ​

In 2021 our focus is especially on reducing the plastic waste and recycling the waste of the event. 

This year we have decided to support and donate to The Greta Thunberg Foundation.

We encourage our visitors to favor public transport and ecological means of transport when arriving to the festival.

We also encourage the audience to enjoy sustainably produced vegetarian, vegan and local food with us.

What we do

We reduce the usage of paper and plastic. We use recycled materials and reduce the amount of waste

We offer vegan meals to our volunteers

We use ecological means of transport

What we can do together

Reduce plastic waste, ie. by using durable containers or using our own water bottles

Eat sustainably produced vegetarian, vegan and local food

Favor public transport and move around the festival on foot, by bike or other ecological means

Recycle all waste

How will our work continue in the following years

In order to organize an even greener festival, we will create an eco-strategy and a plan for the development work in the coming years. We strive to systemically measure and reduce the waste and emissions caused by the festival. 


We have chosen the themes below as main development

points in our eco-strategy:


Eco-friendly food


Local actors and products

Nature protection