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Drifting Woods

Finnish premiere

Sun 20.8. at 14.30 | Kulttuurikellari

Pia Rönicke | Sweden, Denmark | 2022 | 100 min | English, Danish | subtitles: English | Classification: U

Interdisciplinary film Drifring Woods explores human and non-human impacts on Northern forests since they started to form after the last ice age. Some human impacts are smaller than others, for example in Southern areas it is hard to find archeological traces of Sami people who were banished to the North. Today's human-centered world where natural resources have been productized will likely show more prominent effects in the future.

This Swedish-Danish film provides a fascinating look at Forest Finns. These immigrants farmed the land in Swedish and Norwegian woods from the 1580's, and nowadays their linguistic heritage is seen in placenames in certain areas. As a Finn it feels natural to look for a living and shelter from the woods, though in the age of hypercapitalisation of natural resources “people of the forest” feels more and more like a myth.

Text: Ella Karttunen

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