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The Memory of Life

Sat 19.8. at 12.00 | Killa

Juhani Haukka | Finland | 2022 | 45 min | Finnish | Subtitles: English | Classification: U

You can find the Thale Cress plant nearly everywhere: both natural and urban habitats, even in old films. This Delicate plant, seen as a weed, might not draw attention to itself, but in scientists’ laboratories the Thale Cress plant contributes to our understanding of heritable memory - and life. The poetic essay film follows the plants from their natural habitat to the archives and cell evolution.

The lingering tracking shots and explorations deep into the plant are immersive in their beauty. The new technology shows the vivid restructuring of life, which on a cinema screen looks like a mystic fantasy world. The impressive score is performed by a symphony orchestra. Together with the music the film brings into mind Disney's 1940 film Fantasia with its abstract animation, planet formation and its first living creatures. The film premiered at the Nordisk Panorama Film Festival in 2022.

The Memory of Life is showed together with the movie The Entangled Forest.

Text: Ella Karttunen

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