Movie Picnic 

Movie Picnic on Saturday

The atmospheric Movie Picnic will be organized yet again this summer at Riihisaari on Saturday. Pack your picnic basket, and come and enjoy live music and a film screening under the August sky. We’ll be screening a classic summer document The Saimaa Gesture by Kaurismäki brothers. Before the movie begins Marko Haavisto duo will be performing and you'll hear songs from the Aki Kaurismäki movies. The picnic is organized in cooperation with Riihisaari, Olaf Brewing -brewery and The Saimaa Phenomenon 2026.


Time: 21.8.2021
At 20:00 Marko Haavisto duo

Circa at 21:00 The Saimaa Gesture document (duration 121 min)
After the film you have time to proceed to the Bat excursion or YÖ X SINFF video art screening.

Location: Riihisaari, Savonlinna

Free entry

**Help us make the festival safer! People attending Movie Picnic can leave us their contact information via this form. The information is only used in case of Covid exposure.**


Marko Haavisto duo
Marko Haavisto duo performs in the atmospheric milieu of Riihisaari before the night’s movie begins. The duo will perform songs from 1985 to 2021 and songs from Badding Rockers, Geronimo, Poutahaukat, Vaeltava Vitsaus among others. The guitar player Jouni Saario from Poutahaukat will perform alongside with Marko Haavisto. We will also hear all the songs performed in Aki Kaurismäki movies.


The Saimaa Gesture
Summer, comrades, and lemonade from a glass bottle. It is the year 1981 and the Kaurismäki brothers Aki and Mika are making their first feature film on board of S/S Heinävesi steamship. Alongside them there are three Finnish rock bands Juice Leskinen Slam, Hassisen Kone and Eppu Normaali. They anchor the sympathetic steamship to the summery port towns to have a party in the local clubs and festivals. What can you hear and see happening on stage and behind the stage, or on the ship’s deck and under it? This music documentary of summery Finland brings joy, sadness and a vast variation of other emotions.

Read the full description of the film here.