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Savonlinna International Film Festival is working towards making the festival more accessible to everyone. To this page we've gathered the accessibility information of the venues, where to inform us, if you need assistance at the screening and where to book a free ticket for your personal assistant. The Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival will be held in Savonlinna on 17.-20.8.2023.



Olavinkatu 34, Savonlinna

Kulttuurikellari's restaurant upstairs is completely accessible and is located by the main entrance. The seminar is held upstairs. Upstairs also has an accessible toilet. Kulttuurikellari is in two floors with steps. Therefore, we can't guarantee fully accessible passage to all areas. You can access downstairs, where the screenings are held,  through the courtyard assisted through few steps.

This cosy and welcoming venue has an accessible street-level bar-cafe and downstairs there's the elegant main hall that can seat up to 220 people. The venue has previously worked as a film theatre and it suits well for nature film screenings. Upstairs at the street-level we host the discussions and art exhibitions. Aligned with the current restrictions, the capacity at downstairs is 80 seats (subject to changes). 


Punkaharjuntie 3, Savonlinna

You can access Killa with wheelchair through the main entrance located on the courtyard of the building. Killa has two wheelchair spaces.

One of the Savonlinna's current movie theatres is acting as one of our festival's venues and it can seat up to 139 (+ 2 spaces for wheelchairs) nature film enthusiasts. Aligned with the current restrictions, the current capacity is 30 seats (subject to changes). 



The Savonlinna museum and Lake Saimaa nature centre building is accessible, and the museum has one disabled parking spot. The museum boats are not accessible for customers with a wheelchair. Movie picnic is held in the Riihisaari courtyard by accessible pavement. The yard is partly rocky.

On these rocks we host the beloved outdoor movie picnic and project movies to the wall of the Lake Saimaa Nature and Museum centre. The Riihisaari island is close to Olavinlinna, so by following the signs to Savonlinna's medieval castle, you'll find your way to the picnic.


Olavinkatu 13, Savonlinna

Unfortunately Kuvalinna is not accessible for customers with a wheelchair.


Sulosaari area is rough to navigate and therefore is not accessible for everyone.


House of Olaf

Asemantie 19, Savonlinna

House of Olaf is an accessible venue. Seating for customers with a wheelchair and their personal assistants will be reserved in front of the stage- There's also an accessible toilet at the House of Olaf. Please let us know in advance , if you're attending the Festival Clubs.

Assistance at the screening and ticket for personal assistant

Please contact us by e-mail in case you are attending a screening or an event with a wheelchair, so we can prepare to open doors and can arrange assistant for you. You can also book a free ticket for personal assistant by sending us an e-mail. E-mail:, phone: +358 41 483 3999.

Ticket sale during
the festival


Single ticket, adults, 8 €
Single ticket, kids  (max 10 yo.), 6 € 
*Five tickets serial card, 35 €

*Serial cards are valid for all normal priced (8€) movies.

During the festival tickets will be sold at SINFF info cabin ( not accessible) and in the venues before screenings according to availability.

SINFF info cabin opening hours:

Fri 15–19, Sat 10–18, Sun 10–16.30

Payment methods: cash, debit cards and most credit cards.




SINFF info cabin and ticket sales / Savonlinna harbor
Malmiranta, closest address Rantakatu
57130 Savonlinna

Savonlinnan Kulttuurikellari

​Olavinkatu 34

57130 Savonlinna

Punkaharjuntie 3

Olavinkatu 13



57130 Savonlinna

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