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SINFF's festival sketcher Milla Paloniemi

Location: Kulttuurikellari | Free entry | Thu 17.8. at 16.00-22.00 & Fri 18.8. - Sun 20.8. at 16.00-24.00 

Milla Paloniemi, who is best known as a comic artist, is this year SINFF's official "festival sketch artist". Paloniemi travels around the festival with her sketchbooks, recording moments and feelings. You can also ask the artist to sketch you if you manage to see her! You can follow the works on Instagram #festarisketchaaja



Cursing hedgehog's 20th anniversary exhibition at Savonlinna Kulttuurikellari 17.-20.8.!


Milla Paloniemi's beloved, well-known cartoon character Cursing Hedgehog turns 20 this year. For this exhibition, Paloniemi has created scenes from the life of a hedgehog in here and now as an adult. The paintings are done with the marker wash technique, which the artist learned 20 years ago when he started studying graphic design. The jagged and tattered track suits the hedgehog's lively personality.

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