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Lynx Man


Fri 18.8. at 18.00 | Kuvalinna

Juha Suonpää | Finland, Estonia | 2023 | 80 min | Finnish | Subtitles: English | Classification: U

Hannu experiences a special connection to the lynx, a wild cat species once almost extinct in Finland. His trail cameras show an animal that sometimes behaves like a puss but doesn't belong to us humans. Along with nature's peculiar joys we meet death, and in Hannu's case one sees how much a person like him struggles with his desire to save an animal nearing its death.


Trail cameras have a different kind of feeling than familiar controlled nature documentaries. Close images show in a thrilling way an animal's curiosity and will to explore, their inner circles and manners. And those two glimmering eyes you fear to confront on a dark cottage road, but after seeing this film you finally realize it is very unlikely to happen. Wild animals are really avoiding us, and the movie also points out reasons why.

Director Juha Suonpää and producer Pasi Hakkio will be guests at the show.

Text | Ella Karttunen

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