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Film festival for Schools

The Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival annually welcomes children from the schools of Savonlinna region to the festival with school screenings!

One of the core tasks of the festival is to work in the field of environmental education and raise the appreciation of natural diversity and environmental-themed films in all age groups. The goal is to bring children and young people up-to-date information about the environment, climate change and nature through art and film.

The program for school days traditionally consists of a film suitable for the age level, as well as a learning material package, the tasks of which deal with the topics raised in the films and give the teachers of groups of school children tools to guide the joint discussion. It is possible to unravel the themes of the film afterwards together and at the same time learn about the possibilities of audiovisual expression to deal with topics related to the environment. The Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival works at the interface of environmental and film education.

School screenings are organized on two days during the festival week, and their venue is the cinemas Killa and Kuvalinna in Savonlinna. In addition to these, remote screenings are also organized directly in the classrooms. The screenings have reached a record number of visitors every year, and at the 2022 festival, almost 600 students were able to enjoy a movie moment at the festival.

All elementary and middle schools and high schools in the Savonlinna area are welcome to the school performances. The screenings are completely free for students and registration takes place in school groups at the end of spring.

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