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Light Needs

Finnish premiere

Sun 20.8. at 11.00 | Kulttuurikellari

Jesse McLean | USA | 2023 | 72 min | English | subtitles: - | Classification: S

Light Needs is an experimental documentary about houseplants who cohabitate with people and the surprisingly intimate and complex relationships that can develop between them. Containing footage collected from many different domestic and professional spaces over several years, each home/site evidences the different ways people cohabitate with and relate to plants. Yet, this film is ardently not a document of houseplants but rather a consideration of the benefits and losses accrued through the social contracts between plant and animal. By directly attending to the relationships humans have with nonhumans, Light Needs looks to shine a light on the responsibility for care towards other living beings.


-Jesse McLean

Director: Jesse McLean
Production: Jesse McLean

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