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Forest Screening in Sulosaari
Friday 18.8. at 20:00

Festival of year 2023 brings you the familiar forest screening in which you can enjoy films in the lovely woods of Sulosaari. This year, the forest show brings media art of Arttu Nieminen to Sulosaari, as well as a concert he and music maker Veera Neva put together. The whole act is like an audiovisual spell.


In case of rain, the show will be moved to  Kulttuurikellari.

Consciousness / Roots: Experimental short films and
an audiovisual concert

Arttu Nieminen & Veera Neva | Duration: about 1h 20min (a short break between the video screening and the concert)

Showtime at 21:15

Arttu Nieminen (1981) is a Rovaniemi-based media artist, whose works are often based on shapes playing with symmetry and the horizon, the fragile arctic nature, and parallels such as omens and visions with current phenomena. Flowing nature images, poetic utterances, minimalist music and brutal montages that break the set are the cornerstones of his expression. Nature, as well as the colossal structures built by man and the heartbeat of the city, appear to Nieminen as their own conscious entity, sometimes as a mystical interface between the visible and the invisible. Isolated, mystical and flowing are indeed attributes from which the works hallucinate their form. They are delirious odes to the mystical features of nature and lure you to see the forest with new eyes.


Veera Neva is a musician who settled in Tampere from the North, from Kuusamo. Her music is filled with ethereal and rooted soundscapes. The layered combination of saxophone, vocals and electronic sounds creates an atmospheric world that the listener can indulge in a journey. For Neva, music is an expression of the mystery and sanctity of life. A nature-inspired worldview, northern mythology, the flowing movement of the universe and wonder of the liveliness of nature serve as a source of inspiration. Neva has released two solo albums: Avaruuskaipuu (Luola Record Label, 2020) and Grande Onde (Eclipse Music, 2022).


Nieminen's media art and Neva's music combine to lead us to an enchanting journey to the holiness and connection of nature. The concert reaches back to the roots, when man did not try to be above nature, but a harmonious part of unity. It tunes the deep nature connection to the frequency and mythical state of mind where we merge into the network of all living things. The concert transports the experiencer towards rooting, expansion and wholeness – to the space that whispers to us from time immemorial, over and over again, when we get quiet next to nature.

Sulosaari café serves refreshments during the show.

Arttu's homepage:



Veera Neva's & Arttu Nieminen's collaborative video artworks:



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