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Sun 20.8. at 14.00 | Killa

Emiliano Ruprah | Mexico | 2019 | 81 min | Spanish | Subtitles: English | age restriction: S

Over the past 15 years, a vibrant film scene has emerged in Latin America, with a vast array of cinema being created and shared with the world, including documentaries, fiction, and animation. What is especially noteworthy from the talented filmmakers that this geographic region is nurturing is their commitment to telling stories and depicting realities through such a fantastically creative lens. Over the past few years, the world has seen countless Latin American filmmakers receiving praise and accolades. Often, it is not through large economic support that these projects are brought to light, but rather, it is the great artistry, originality, and drive present in the region, and instilled in these filmmakers, that propels them, leading these films to film festivals, awards wins, and garnering recognition worldwide.


Two of these filmmakers are director Emiliano Ruprah and producer Paula Arroio. With a small team, and an even smaller budget, they traversed different parts of Mexico in order to film a portion of the great biodiversity that our country holds. In their documentary, Nomads, this incredible footage, featuring iconic animals from Baja California to Yucatan, captivates both children and adults alike through a unique and inspired journey. Now, through this new collaboration that we are undertaking between SINFF and Cinema Planeta, we are so thrilled that this special documentary will be met by a new audience in Finland. 


As more and more of the world continues to discover the cinema coming out of Latin America, let us also continue to encourage the creation of new, sensitive, and aware audiences who can join the great transformation that we must undertake in our societies in favor of the environmental solutions that the moment demands.


Gustavo M. Ballesté & Glynnis Ritter

Cinema Planeta, International Environmental Film Festival of Mexico


This screening is organised in collaboration with Cinema Planeta.

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