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The ringed seal and music

Kulttuurikellari | Saturday 19.8. at 11:00 | Price: Free

Enjoy Saimaa ringed seal with live music and pictures of nature!


The visual concert Saimaannorppamme is a part of a concert series produced in the Yhteinen Saimaannorppamme -LIFE (Our shared ringed seal -LIFE) project together with Metsähallitus Nature Services, Rantasalmi brass band and Vision Saimaa Photography. In this concert, the listener also gets to immerse themselves in a story and images of nature, reaching more senses than just hearing. Stories about the life of the Saimaa ringed seal convey an atmosphere that is supported by the music and wonderful photography.

The performance is a smaller ensemble of the Rantasalmi brass band with approx. 12 players, and the duration of the concert is about 45 minutes.


Nature pictures: professional photographer Timo Seppäläinen / Vision Saimaa Photography.

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