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SINFF X House of Olaf: Aavikko

House of Olaf | Saturday 19.8. doors open at 21.00 and showtime at 23.00 | Tickets 25€ | K18

The Nature Film Festival and House of Olaf bring rhythms and synthesizer sounds to Savonlinna and our festival club!


The world is full of trinities: Ice hockey has three periods, philosophical dialectics has a thesis, an antithesis and a synthesis and Aavikko has three members.


Aavikko, founded in Siilinjärvi in 1995, is a culmination of the synthesizer groups of the retrofuturistic Eastern block, firm rhythms and melodies that force you to the dancefloor. This can once again be expressed by a trinity: Melody, harmony and rhythm. Muysic non stop.


The group’s “muysic” is stunningly addictive and has already been recorded and captured to six albums. In them you cannot hear a trust in technology itself, but the desire to use it as a gateway to the heart and soul of a person’s heart. It’s impossible not to dance, when this group takes over the stage - which manifests itself in the group’s iconic and simple command: “we play, you dance”.

Tickets are available through Tiketti webstore!

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