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SLUT x SINFF: New Pangaea – Interspecies Cantata

Sat 19.8. at 19.00 | Kulttuurikellari

Kalle Hamm & Band of Weeds | Finland | 2023 | 47 min | English | subtitles: - | Classification: U

The new Pangaia is an interspecies cantata based on the multi-layered interaction between humans and flora on the island of Seili. Plants have arrived on the island long before humans and during the short period of human presence, the appreciation of different plant species has varied. The work presents 20 plants that represent the different ways plants spread to the island and their disappearance from the landscape. All audible sound material has been collected from Seili with microphones and by converting the variations in electrical conductivity of plants into a form audible to the human ear.

Seili Island is mainly a nature reserve, so plants growing there may not be picked or moved. Because of this, Band of Weeds has collected the sounds from wild plants growing on the island, and no live plants are used in the concert. The work deals with the relationship between humans and plants at different times, so Anniina Saksa was invited to complement the plant sounds, whose vocal parts are based on notes made about the variations in electrical conductivity of plants.

The exhibition is organized in cooperation with Savonlinna's New Art Museum.

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