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The Entangled Forest

Sat 19.8. at 12.00 | Killa

Nick Jordan | UK | 2023 | 17 min | English | subtitles: English | Classification: U

The short film The Entangled Forest explores the multifaceted interrelationships of trees and fungi in forest ecosystems. The voice of pioneering ecologist Suzanne Simard leads us through the forest, revealing findings from her research work focusing on tree and mushroom communities.


The documentary examines the biological neural network of forest ecosystems - the "Wood Wide Web" - and how the reciprocal, shared behavior of mycelium and trees creates a sustainable and healthy community of species. The cooperation of forest organisms is amazingly deep - and hopefully can serve as inspiration for us human animals.


The soundscape of British artist Nick Jordan's film is colored by a rich soundtrack recorded with traditional folk instruments, woodwinds and analog synthesizers.


The documentary is shown as the opening film of The Memory of Life -screening.

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