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Titina the terrier at
the North Pole


Sun 20.8. at 12.00 | Killa

Kajsa Næss | Norway | 2022 | 91 min | finnish | Age restriction: S

The beautiful hand drawn adventure by the award-winning Norwegian animator Kajsa Næss takes us on an incredible trip to the North Pole along with Titina the terrier.

The Italian airship engineer Umeberto Nobile enjoyed his calm life with his beloved dog Titina, who Nobile saved from the streets of Rome. One day a Norwegian explorer superstar Roald Amundsen announced he wants a airship to conquer the North Pole. Nobile took the chance to be written in history books. He took Titina with him and the peculiar trio left for the voyage to the last unknown place on Earth. The movie tells the true story about success and defeat through the eyes of the four legged Titina.


The imaginative usage of archive materials, the beautiful drawings, colour palette, humour and the story based on true events create an interesting movie experience for viewers of all ages. The animated movie to be in theatres in the autumn can be seen at it’s preview at the Nature Film Festival.

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