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Nature Mandalas - Art from earth

Riihisaari | Sat 19.8. 19.00-20.30 | Free

The purpose of life or getting rid of boredom? Come alone or in a group and learn about the different uses of mandalas and create your own work of art from natural materials in the place of your choice. The guided non-stop workshop is also suitable for families with children.


Mandalas and spirals are ancient circular patterns found in different cultures and religions. Building a mandala can be a means of strengthening the connection with nature or practicing introspection, or just a fun thing to do together in nature. The participants choose the working method that suits them according to the purpose for which they want to make the mandala: to find harmony, to understand themselves or to clarify a situation, to tame chaos, to express gratitude or memory, etc. You can spread out on the nearby terrain to find the most suitable working environment. Art works are documented by photography.


The instructor of the workshop, Tuula Kokkonen, is a psychologist specializing in the health and well-being effects of nature and culture, an art therapist, and an art and forest instructor.

The workshop is a part of our movie picnic.

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