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Festival's entire programme is now out and tickets are on sale

Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival's entire programme is now published. The Festival will take place on August 19th - August 22nd.

Just like before, the 2021 festival programme navigates around complex environmental issues through art. At this moment, the films that feel especially significant are ones that inspire, reach towards solutions, outline the interactions between species and phenomena and offer perspectives outside our anthropocentric point of view. Our main theme this year is journey. It takes us to the rain forests of Sri Lanka, tourist attractions ruined by overgrown masses of travellers and other cultural realities. It takes us to the heart of political decision making, the night kingdom of bats and on cruises on Lake Saimaa. We ask how we could encourage more travelling through art and less through a physical change of location. And when we do have a need to travel and explore the world, how could we do that and still appreciate and listen to our ecosystem and other species and cultures?

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I AM GRETA (2020)

CENOTE (2019)


Walk the Tideline (2021)

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Tickets are now on sale!

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